Why LIC ?

  1. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  2. LIC is the No. 1 brand in service sector and 240 million + lives are part of LIC of India.
  3. LIC is the biggest life insurer in the world.
  4. Best infrastructure – 2048 LIC branches (fully computerized) 1275 satellite
    offices, more than 1.16 lac employees and 11.72 lac agents.
  5. LIC policy for all segment.
  6. Transparency operations.
  7. Best practices in the industry.
  8. Excellent claim settlement ratio.
  9. Sovereign guarantee to customers.

About the Team Leader

  1. Shri Priya Ranjan Routray, a graduate in Physics joined LIC as a Development Officer in 2007 by passing out competitive examination .
  2. He works at LIC  Suryanagar office and guides people how to excel in LIC Agency.
  3. A good number of people in search of income came in contact with him and excelled Rs 0 to Rs 100000 per month.
  4. He is always lively in helping and guiding agents in their professional field. He has his own Audio Visual Training center to motivate in the meetings.
  5. In order to reach the serious people in search of income he has launched this website.
  6. If you are really interested we suggest you to visit the following pop offs of this site WHY and CAREER AS  LIC AGENCY