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Why LIC?

  • Because it is like earning from making fun.
  • Do you want to work for a company OR Do you want to work for yourself.
  • It is needless to say that working for someone else irritates . you put your 100 % but paid much less % of your output .
  • The average age of Indian in 2020 will be 29 years. So a young Indian will work for another 25 to 30 years . The financial status of the young Indians will increase continuously . So by meeting with people and maintaining good relationship will give us a handsome income. It will be fun to be in relationship with so many people and earn a handsome commission earning.
  • You can earn more than Rs.50,000 a month very easily through your contacts.
  • Performing Agents are recognized in LIC & granted Membership of various Clubs.
  • A Club Member Agent is eligible for Interest free advance of Car, reduced Interest for Home Loan, Office maintenance Allowance, Furniture Allowance, Festival Advance, Mobile & Land line Bill reimbursement & various other facilities.
  • No retirement in this job, you are entitled to LIFE-LONG income in the form of RENEWAL COMMISSION. You will be rewarded by the way of Renewal Commission until the last Policyholder goes out of the Books of LIC.
  • A very Bright Future awaits right candidate. Highly successful Youngsters can become Full-time Class-2 Officer of LIC of India after 5-years.
  • So lets us start our own business with no capital investment by encashing our relationships. simultaneously we are also providing financial security to this young deserving Indian families , a noble job indeed  .
  • LIC agents helps people to secure their families from unexpected events of death , disability , and retirement.
  • LIC agents also helps in nation building . Money collected by LIC is invested in various socioeconomic development of India .
  • Some agents earn between 3 to 4 crores annualy.
  • Through proper training and guidance we will make you earn a decent income.